Feng xiang zhou Park 凤翔州

Fengxiang Zhou is located on the Jiangxing Island in Qujiang River.  It is officially a tidal flat and administrated as waters.  The vegetation on the island has been modified a few times by the residents.  For example, the island was utilized as pasture for cattle and sheep ranching;  palm trees and sweet Osmanthus groves were planted as part of tourism development; a large number of pampas grass and reed bamboo were planted for the purpose of flood control.  Along the river bank, the Chinese wingnut and chinaberry have appeared like forest, yet it is hard to say that those trees were purposely planted.   These species all are suitable for the wet environment and earthy.   The vegetation at the west end of the island has appeared healthy, divers and self-sustainable.  However, the condition at the center part of the island appeared very differently.  The impact from years of heavy human intervene, such as over logging and continuous monoculture and monocropping, is very much evident.  The land is currently occupied by a few invasive species like cocklebur. 








In the history, the Jiangxin Island was submerged in 1955.  Having kept been washed down by the river tides, the size of the west end of the island has been shrunken.  Yet, the water level has been stabilized since the dams were constructed upstream in 2019 and downstream in 2011 respectively. 






At the beginning for the project to revitalize the island which covers an area of 40 hectares, we invited the experts from the Shanghai Shangfang Botany Research Institute for onsite visits to survey and evaluate the condition of soil and vegetation.  The experts also advised the possibility of recovery, locality of the plants and low maintenance strategy.







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