Tangshan Quarry Park 汤山矿坑公园

The condition of the rock at the quarry mine is mostly unconsolidated, which make the particular rock is mostly suitable for the subgrade of the road and crushed stone.  Because of the same reason, the experts have recommended not to use engineering methods such as cement piles to stabilize and restore the vegetation after the mining has ended.  In fact, the strategy to restore the damaged mountain body and vegetation by planting non-diverse plant species has been proved ineffective, unsustainable and costly.  Our strategy is self-healing, which to leave the space and time for damaged mountain body and vegetation to restore naturally and gradually.  In order to do so, we designed a system to keep the stabilization of the hills to the basic and create the distance between the nature and the human activity.










At the lower part of hill, the col creates a terrain to gather the run-off water.  The abundant water is preferred condition to grow pasture.  At the foot of the hill, we designed a pond to consolidate the water.  The pond is functioned an organic water treatment plant before the run-off water from the mine back to the large ecosystem.  At the same time, the pond is the beginning of the park to the visitors.











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