Yangliu Jun 杨柳郡

The entire 73100-square-meter park was constructed on the rooftop of a subway hub in Hangzhou, Zhejia Province.  It is not an overstatement to call the project the modern Babylon.   The rooftop of the subway hub that provides extraordinary infrastructure such as structural strength and waterproofing made it possible to create a meaningful artificial ecosystem.  The design could include sizeable topsoil and water system.  Nevertheless, the challenges of the design are the irregular elevation changes that vary from 1 meter to 1.5 meters, as well as the large numbers of subway vents that are intrusive and arranged poorly, 1.8 meters above the rooftop.




In this completely artificial ecosystem, one of our main considerations are its coexistence and interactivity with the residents.  We designed a series of circumstances such as the fields where the residents could plant their own vegetables; sports fields; platforms built upon the various given elevations of the rooftop; the resting sites on the vents for the migrating birds; as well as a sustainable water system.  Although this elevated ecosystem has little physical relationship to the ground, it is more like a gigantic rooftop garden that creates harmonious, interactive and inter-reliant environment with the residents. 













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