Feng xiang zhou Park 凤翔州

The revitalization of Fengxiang Zhou on the Jiangxin Island in Qujiang is to create a place that will provide the outdoor recreational activities and the educational of nature to Longyou County and the vicinity.  Among all aspirations, one of the important projects of the revitalization is a Nature Center.  The center will be an outdoor education hub for the culture, history and ecology.

In the Nature Center, apart from the traditional indoor exhibitions and lectures, we designed a landscape that integrates a series of participatory and interactive sculptures installation and water features to demonstrate the knowledge of the local climate, the hydrological changes, the local flora and fauna and geology.  We hope the center is a hub that not only narrate the knowledge but also more importantly to inspire the curiosity and desire to explore the nature.  Beyond the static display, the center is also self-evolving to enhance the interaction and understanding between the human and the nature.    












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