New Horizons: Eight Perspectives on Chinese Landscape Architecture Today 新视野:今日中国风景园林的八个观点

Book Introduction:

Landscape architects have been referred to as “the first environmentalists,” and Parks of the 21st Century shows how parks are being designed as proactive, dynamic green spaces. In addition to providing public open space, these renewed landscapes offer economic revitalization and large-scale environmental improvement. The book presents 52 parks in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, and China that have turned despoiled and polluted land (including former factories, railroads, and industrial waterfronts) into beneficial landscapes, including The Tangshan Quarry Park in Nanjing designed by Z+T Studio. 






景观设计师被称为“第一批环保主义者”。《 21 世纪的公园 》展示了如何将公园设计为积极主动、充满活力的绿色空间。除了提供公共开放空间外,这些经过改造的景观还提供了经济复苏的契机和大范围的环境改善。本书展示了在美国、墨西哥、加拿大、欧洲和中国的 52 个公园,这些项目将已废弃或被污染的土地(包括废旧工厂、铁路和工业滨水区)改造成有益于公众的景观,其中包含由了张唐景观设计的南京汤山矿坑公园。











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