The Big Asian Book of Landscape Architecture 亚洲景观设计大典

Book Introduction:

This book provides one of the first comprehensive discussions of contemporary landscape architecture practice across the Asian region. Bringing together established designers, writers, and thinkers with those of the new generation, Jillian Walliss and Heike Rahmann explore what it means to design, do business, and think about nature, space, and urbanism with an Asian sensibility. It includes introductions to the two projects led by Z+T Studio, as well as the insights and reflections of the founders of Z+T, Dong Zhang and Ziying Tang, on landscape architecture. A dynamic structure allows readers to dip into content, rather than progress in a linear manner. Each section begins with a positioning essay, which offer theoretical, cultural, and political contextualisation for the more focused academic writing, shorter reflections, practice interviews, photo essays and design projects which are interwoven in a unique graphic design. Featuring over eighty design projects, The Big Asian Book of Landscape Architecture’s significance extends well beyond Asia, offering fresh perspectives for a field that has traditionally been dominated by North American and European influences.






这本书提供了对亚洲地区当代风景园林实践的第一次全面讨论。Jillian Walliss 和 Heike Rahmann 将有名的设计师、作家和思想家聚集在一起,探索在亚洲地区的设计、具体业务以自然、空间和都市主义的意义。其中包含了对由张唐景观主导的两个设计项目的介绍,以及张唐景观创始人张东先生和唐子颖女士对景观设计的见解和思考。《亚洲景观大书》的动态结构允许读者深入了解内容,而不是以线性方式前进。每个部分都以一篇定位文章开头,将理论,文化,政治背景更集中的论述、更短的反思、实践访谈、照片和设计项目交织在特定的篇幅内。《大亚洲景观设计之书》共有80多个设计项目,意义远超本书设定的语境,为一个传统上由北美和欧洲影响主导的领域提供了新的视角。











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